In a perfect world my personal details wouldn’t matter and the fact that, due to pending litigation resulting from my voluntary departure from previous employer, I must remain anonymous would be of little account.  As we do not, clearly, live in a perfect world I will relate a few details for reader context. I am an ex-analyst, ex-strategist, ex-employee of three global investment banks whose names will be familiar to any casual observer of the financial services industry. I have met close to 100 industry participants well-known enough to fill with their own, extended Wikipedia pages but am social friends with none.  I am currently 45 years old. I read fiction incessantly, only 20% of which I would be proud to share with you. Politically, I am a conservative unaffiliated with any party. Reluctant atheist owing to an undergrad education in philosophy. Musically agnostic at present.

Contact me any time at Interloperblog@gmail.com. I will respond to all emails

10 thoughts on “About

  1. mario says:


    I’m an undergrad lit major getting my CPA now. I do short term trading and dabble with swing trading using options.

    I’m assuming you are a CFA then? Do you have any advice for a guy with a liberal arts degree looking to get into finance?

    my condolences on the litigation and I hope all works out in your favor (I’m sure it will!).

    I look forward to your blog and posts.


    • Interloper says:

      Good luck. I do not have full charter, but it wasn’t as required as it is now when I came up. The best advice I can give anyone entering the industry is that all of the jobs you want are filled before they’re posted internally. 95% of the time you have to know someone.

  2. Octavio Richetta says:

    Coolest anonymous profile I’ve ever read.

  3. kris says:

    I’m impressed with your writing. I’ve tried paid newsletters but nothing is better than free experiential thoughts from people from the inside that have quit, like Bruce Krasting for example. Please, keep posting. I’m learning a lot, if you care to teach.
    I’m an engineer but I’m getting addicted to finance since “money” is absolutely the second strongest thing that makes a person show his or her true self after “death”. It’s more like observation of human nature.
    About the daily routine, if you can afford not working, I strongly recommend you complete the philosophy studies by delving into religion. My definition of “atheist”: A person who lives as if there is no God” since no atheist can prove there’s no God. It may come handy. At least it did to me.
    Thx again.
    kris in Toronto

  4. John Chew says:

    I linked to your blog


    scroll to the bottom of today’s post.

  5. Just wanted to say, I enjoy the site. Nice work.

  6. Ernst Tanaka says:

    had a good laugh out of today’s post, happy you personally came out of the other end of your troubles.

    Living lifes 2nd act myself — kind of understand where you come from.



  7. what is yout Twitter account?

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